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Agilitas offers consulting services with the necessary tools and expertise to help your business to become more agile and digital. We partner with clients from start to finish, focusing on their needs while producing new ideas, developing effective strategies, and designing high-quality and scalable solutions.

Mojbrend: Redefining Fashion in the Balkans

During the challenging COVID-19 pandemic, a visionary team emerged with a groundbreaking concept to revolutionize how people experience branded outlet fashion in the Balkan region.

This idea took shape and materialized into the vibrant digital platform known as Mojbrend.

Founding and Inception: Mojbrend was born in the heart of adversity in 2020, grappling with uncertainties and disruptions. Fueled by a passion for fashion and a drive to create something extraordinary, the founding team embarked on a journey to offer an authorized online hub to sell prestigious outlet clothing and footwear brands. With a strategic focus on names like Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, US Polo Assn, Cacharel, Trussardi, and Diesel, Mojbrend set out to reshape the shopping experience for fashion enthusiasts.

Empowering Fashion Enthusiasts: At its core, Mojbrend is more than just an e-commerce startup; it's a lifestyle destination that grants fashion aficionados access to premium brands at remarkable prices. The platform's curated selection of products exudes not only style but also authenticity, assuring customers of the genuine nature of their purchases. Through seamless navigation and user-friendly interfaces, Mojbrend brings the thrill of outlet shopping to the fingertips of its growing community.

Expansion and Regional Reach: Mojbrend's impact was felt far beyond its Bosnian origins within just one year. The unparalleled success of the platform in Bosnia paved the way for expansion into neighboring markets, including Serbia, Montenegro, and Croatia. This expansion wasn't merely about conquering new territories; it was about enriching the lives of even more individuals with the joy of discovering renowned brands without compromising on quality or exclusivity.

Vision and Mission: Mojbrend's vision is to become the ultimate destination for those who seek value and style in their fashion choices. Its mission is consistently delivering a gratifying shopping experience with unbeatable deals on iconic brands that resonate with customers' individuality.

Community and Connection: Beyond commerce, Mojbrend fosters community and connection among its users. The platform transcends geographical boundaries and fosters a network of like-minded trendsetters by bringing people together over a shared love for fashion.

Mojbrend stands as a testament to resilience, innovation, and the power of transforming adversity into opportunity in an era of challenges. With its unwavering commitment to authenticity, style, and value, Mojbrend is redefining the fashion landscape in the Balkans, one clicks at a time.

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Meet the U.S. Polo Assn. eComm
Adria Team

In the dynamic intersection of fashion, technology, and innovation, we Agilitas get the opportunity to become Adria eComm Development Team who emerges as the catalyst for redefining the way the iconic U.S. Polo Assn. the brand connects with the Adria region. Committed to marrying the elegance of polo's heritage with the convenience of modern e-commerce, this team is at the forefront of a revolution that transcends borders and resonates with the spirit of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, and Montenegro.

With the Adria region as their canvas, the U.S. Polo Assn. Adria eComm Development Team is painting a future where innovation and tradition intertwine harmoniously.

As the digital sun rises over the Adria region, the eComm Development Team is a beacon of progress, inviting individuals to embark on a new era of fashion, technology, and polo-inspired elegance. 

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ZOI'84 OCS is a proud legal successor of the organizer of the XIV Winter Olympic Games. They manage the Olympic Hall "Juan Antonio Samaranch", as well as the Ski Center Bjelašnica and Igman. We are a proud partner for ZOI84 OCS in the area of digitalization and digital transformation as a partner of the global company SKI Data. Visit OC Bjelašnica and Igman to keep the Olympic spirit alive together.

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Verifiable Education - blockchain verifiable certificates

Verifiable Education - digital startup project represents a platform for document verification and validation using blockchain technology. Easily create digitally signed educational diplomas and certificates. Cryptographic verification complies with the latest digital credentials standards. Connect your diplomas and certificates to permanent blockchain proof.

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Sarajevo City Card - City Card and eComm business

The City Card solution belongs to the "smart tourism" segment and aims to solve several challenges, such as a single digital ticket for all tourist attractions and public city transport, the possibility of online shopping, increasing the digital visibility of tourist attractions, increasing the digital experience of tourists, creating tourist maps and increasing the average overnight stay in a tourist destination.

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Brands Hub - eComm business

Brands Hub is a multi-brand concept that offers, both online and physically, through stores, an exclusive experience in the field of clothing and accessories. Brands Hub ensures the quality of items through which our customers can enjoy a variety of products that represent LIFESTYLE, CASUAL, and COMFORT styles, from children to adults. American brands, relying on this concept, Brands Hub grows every day thanks to your preferences, also providing an opportunity for new brands. We are partnering with the BrandsHubl team for eComm development in Romania.

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Navigating Startup Success Through Innovative Validation

Welcome to our corner of the entrepreneurial universe, where we empower startups to transcend their potential and embrace success. We are your dedicated partners in the exhilarating journey of business validation, utilizing the groundbreaking Google Design Sprint methodology.

Who We Are: We are a team of seasoned experts, fueled by a passion for fostering startup growth and innovation. Our mission is clear: to guide startups toward refining their concepts, validating their ideas, and charting a course for triumph in the competitive business landscape.


Our Unique Approach: The powerful Google Design Sprint framework is at the heart of our approach. This methodology, renowned for its effectiveness, serves as our guiding light in steering startups through the critical phase of business validation. With a well-crafted blend of creativity, collaboration, and strategic thinking, we meticulously guide startups toward refining their vision and fine-tuning their strategies.


Our Partnerships: Our journey has been enriched by invaluable partnerships. We proudly collaborate with BH Telecom, the leading telecom operator in Bosnia, to deliver transformative results through our Google Design Sprint workshops. The synergy between innovation and industry expertise propels startups toward success.


In addition, we're privileged to be a part of the BH Techlab program, an initiative that provides startups with a fertile ground for growth, mentorship, and resources. Through Startup387, an initiative supported by the dynamic HUB387 community, and the forward-thinking Tehnopolis from Montenegro, we extend our reach to nurture startups beyond borders.


Why Us? What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to your success. We don't just offer consultation; we engineer transformation. Our process is carefully crafted to provoke innovation, challenge assumptions, and validate ideas discerningly. With us by your side, you're not just embarking on a journey; you're forging a path to a triumphant destination.


Join Us on this Journey: Whether you're a budding entrepreneur seeking to validate your groundbreaking idea or a startup on the brink of transformation, our doors are open. Embark on this exhilarating journey with us, where innovation knows no bounds and success becomes an inevitable destination. Let's validate, innovate, and celebrate together.


Let's redefine the startup landscape, one validated idea at a time.


Become more Agile

Working on developing our digital businesses, we continuously learn about new methods and techniques that contributing to a business's improvement.

Along the way, we like to share the acquired knowledge and skills with other teams and organizations. We love to learn and share knowledge, so we are proud of all our partners with whom we work to improve digital entrepreneurship and promote new agile methods and techniques.

Connect with us today and let the journey begin.

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